Minibri Temp (/tmp)

Upload a source file written in a supported format and get a link to the rendered content ready to share.
Source file selection

Supported formats: Asciidoc (.adoc,.asciidoc), Markdown (.md,.markdown), HTML (.html)

Frequently Asked Questions

# How does it work?

You upload a source file that contains content in one of the supported formats. The uploaded content is converted to HTML, unless it's already in HTML source code which in that case it's used as is. Then, the view page will display the HTML representation of the uploaded content.

# Are any other formats going to be supported?

Yes! I started with Markdown because it's popular, and the one I mostly use. Asciidoc was added soon after that, but I want to keep adding more formats, and maybe open source the converters so that people can contribute as well.

# How does expiration work?

Along with the source file, you select an expiration for the content. This means that after the selected period the content will not be available to view, and the server will return 404 Not found. Expired objects may still be accessible a few minutes, or in some cases hours, after their designated expiration period. However, you should not take that for granted and only expect the object to be available for the selected duration.

# Can I use Minibri Temp to serve static websites?

Right now only single file uploads are supported. If your website is only a single HTML file with its CSS and JavaScript embedded into it, or it's linking to them on another domain then yes it works just fine. Actually, sharing simple single-file webpages with friends, or for testing, is among the purposes of this service.
However, I explicitly provide the single-file restriction to avoid this becoming a hosting service. If your static website is more complicated I suggest using or

# Can I use Minibri Temp for confidential information?

At the moment, any data that is considered private and would be dangerous to be seen by public eyes should not be stored on Minibri Temp. Even though it would be very hard to guess the URL of your content intentionally, anyone that visits the link of your content will be able to see it.
I am planning to add password protection in a few days/weeks which will make it more suitable when you want to just share something semi-confidential with a friend.

# How secure is Minibri Temp?

The uploaded data are encrypted at rest by Amazon S3. All data transfers between the server and Amazon S3, but also between the server and your browser, always use HTTPS. Having said that, you should not use this service to store private sensitive information like your social security numbers, your credit card numbers, or your bank account details.

# What kind of content can I upload?

Minibri Temp cannot be used for copyrights infringing content, or content that discriminates and shows abuse in any way towards any social group. Reported content will be examined, and if found infringing, taken down immediately. I will post a more detailed Terms of Use policy but this service will not tolerate any content that causes harm to others! Be mindful to the law, and to the people around you ๐Ÿ™